Saturday, May 21, 2011

Commencing Life

I will start my first post with why I am beginning this blog to begin with. 
I love scrapbooking. I mean LOVE. At my grandmothers house, I have a ROOM basically dedicated to it. I have yet to move this collection to my apartment here at school.

I haven't scrapped in a while. Its hard when your supplies are all about 2 hours away and you just barely finished a grueling, but last year at school. But I will start again. It is admittedly much easier when after work the day is mine. No more long hours in a studio drafting my heart out. No more late nights on the computer figuring the perfect bathroom design. (At least not until I find my dream job of course!) So I will scrap. And I invite all to join me! 

Ever so often, I plan to find inspiration for a page, share it with this blog, and show my attempt at it. I invite everyone who reads this to also take the challenge, in their own unique way. 

As a note, I will also show other forms of craft as well. Whatever really pleases my fancy. For now, as I still have to get my supplies here, I will show you some of my loves....

Right now I am obsessed with a single photo, lots of white space, and the right accessories:

Need I say more?