Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wedding Blogs

Hello all!

I just realized I say all, but really this is for myself and whoever stumbles across this and is interested. How many out there actually read it is beyond me. If you like it, let me know! :)

This post is short and sweet, and inspired by the lunch I had with my fiance and our someday wedding photographer! Her name is Katy Weaver, and even though we are in the beginning phases of working with her, I love her work. Check out her amazing website here. Photography is one of the most important (vendor-esque) parts of my wedding. The most important part, as my fiance stated yesterday, of course is us getting married and starting a new chapter in our lives, together.

Let me also digress a bit to say I have never attended a wedding. Never. People I say that to seem to always be at least a little shocked. So lets say this again: never, not once. So my whole planning is kind of a shot in the dark. Frankly for me, that is okay. I like learning as I go. So I have been learning fast via StumbleUpon and Pinterest, finding all sorts of wedding blogs and websites.

Back to lunch yesterday, Katy gave us some pointers, which I truly appreciate. Who would know better about aspects of a wedding than the photographer herself? She's there with the couple almost all day. She sees the tears of frustration and the happiness of marriage. She told me about a blog called A Practical Wedding.

What? A wedding blog I hadn't stumbled across in my 3.5 months of being engaged?

AND Katy told us we seem like a very practical couple, which I take as a big compliment! So guess what I have been looking at for a good chunk of the morning?

I would like to pass on this, among other blogs, that I am finding helpful during my blind search of my perfect wedding. Enjoy the beauty and advice!

A Practical Wedding- A blog dedicated to a beautiful and low stress wedding in your means. The ladies there will answer your questions and you can read other questions and answers. They offer how-to's, and interview brides who have gone through the same things as we are right now. They also support the LGBTQ cause, which (and I won't go into politics, like, ever on here) I support.

Offbeat Bride- This is for those of you who like to throw tradition to the wind. I love them because their many DIY's and blog posts can also be practical for the rest of us. Plus, sit back, and scroll through the fun and colorful pictures of offbeat brides with purple dresses and peacock feathers in their hair.

Style Me Pretty- These ladies have dubbed themselves "The ultimate wedding blog", and I cannot object. They range from real weddings from around the world, style shoots, vendor ideas for practically every state and beyond, and DIY ideas. If you are anything like me, you could spend hours on this site. There is a reason they call this stuff wedding porn. I am addicted!

Ruffled Blog- Much like Style Me Pretty in it's gorgeousness and DIY's

Want even more wedding porn blogs? Check out here to see this page's list of the top 100.

To close out this post let's show a picture of why I want Katy Weaver oh so much: