Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Dash of This

I have been a busy busy girl. I know this blog doesn't reflect that, but I promise you :)

I have three things to talk to you about today, and am very excited about all of them! They are HIGHLY different subjects, but variety is the spice of life right?

First, lets start with what I did today:

Oh yes, I made those. What are they? {deep breath} homemade s'mores chocolate chip cookies with graham cracker in the dough!! Delicious? They are to die for. My mister seems to think so too based on the look on his face when he bit into the first warm amazing cookie!
Want another look? 

Where did I get this amazing recipe? Click Here!

Topic number two:
I've had this done for a while, but I couldn't post it until its intended owners received it... all the way in Washington DC!
Isn't he cute?? I painted this in acrylic on a huge 2'x3' canvas this summer, and just the other day, I heard that the recipients were very happy! Who were these lucky people?

My future sibling-in-laws!


Which brings me to my last subject......

I am so lucky!
I'm going to be a wife! AAAHHH and I can't get enough of it! Of course I have been busy on Pinterest and Stumble-upon since he proposed {which was August 5th by the way} and collecting all kinds of ideas! We have decided to wait until 2013 to get married, due to the fact that the same couple who received my painting {which are my fiance's brother and his lucky lady} are already going to get married next year! Exciting!

So I'm sure I will keep this blog updated with all my DIY crafts for my {and possibly their} wedding! Wish me luck!