Friday, June 22, 2012

Engagement Pictures {Katy Weaver Photography}

Hey all!

I don't have a tutorial or anything of my own to show, but this is still a treat! {at least I think so!}
Jeremy and I had the second half of our engagement pictures done a couple weeks ago, and we got them back before the amazing Katy Weaver left for South America! If you don't know this talented photographer, you should. Check out her site here. You will not be disappointed.

I wanted to share with you just a handful of my personal favorites from the shoot. We decided to head to the Oregon Coast since that's where I grew up. We literally waited until the last minute to see if we should go because it was supposed to rain that day, but luckily the weather was beautiful, albeit a little chilly. On our way to the ocean, Katy asked if we could stop at a lovely field we saw. We snuck in through an old, open gate, and took a few before we could get caught! Totally worth it, I think they are my favorite from the entire shoot. Moss on the trees, and perfect, perfect sunlight.