Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sew Happy!

... That I have my new sewing machine!

It was a graduation gift from my mama. :)
I have been wanting one basically since my grandma taught me to use one in like Elementary school. And now it is mine!

I got this thing yesterday, and have already gotten busy with some old clothes I found in my {overstuffed} closet. Wanna see?

This scarf was a pair of warm albeit large and ugly pair of sweatpants. I cut stitching off and made 4 rectangular panels {front and back of each leg}. I then took two panels, sewed them end to end, and did the same for the other. I placed these now extra long panels on top of each other, and sewed with a straight stitch all the way down the middle of the length. {Actually I sewed from end to middle seam, and again from the other end} I then pulled to top stitch by hand to scrunch the fabric from both ends, working my way to the middle, and tied off and cut the remainder thread. Voila! A new {very cozy} scarf.

Next was a tank. A tank I love. It fits me perfectly, is soft and just perfect. 
Except for these little guys that decorated the top:
 They were starting to fall off, and they weren't even that great looking to begin with. Here is the shirt after I took a seam cutter to it. {I don't have a before picture, I thought about it too late.}
Cute right? 

But now it needed something else. A little extra to make it a loved item in my closet once again.
 Flowers? Yes please. I love them. I love real ones, fabric, origami. Doesn't really matter. flowers are wonderful.

So let me add some to my newly stripped tank:

Like? I love!
I used a {newly bought yesterday} rotary cutter to slice up an old tee into strips. This tee also happened to be grey. The same exact grey. This was totally meant to happen :)

These strips I sewed down the middle and scrunched, just like my new scarf above. I then loosely spiraled them and placed them on my tank. I then hand sewed them on, which took all of 10 minutes. 

With summer finally kicking in here in Oregon, I will say this is going to be worn a little too much :)

Hopefully this is the first of many sewing adventures I go on with my new sewing machine as I teach myself {with a little help from all of those other crafty blogs out there!} to make more lovely things!

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