Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY Wedding Invites (for less than $.35 each!)

Oh my goodness, I haven't posted here in a while! I really want to, but all of my DIYs lately are of wedding things. And to be honest, I want them to be a surprise to my guests! So you will suddenly see MANY more posts after July, I can guarantee it!

BUT I have officially sent out our invites to our guests, so I felt it is safe to show them on here now! You have no idea how EXCITED I am for these. They are definitely my favorite wedding related DIY yet. I designed them myself using Microsoft Powerpoint (yes, Powerpoint!) because I am too poor and cheap to get Publisher or Photoshop.

I then printed them using VistaPrint. They are an online resource that has many of their own designs, but you can also upload your own.... onto tee shirts, invites, mugs, flyers, you name it. The best part, is they are always having awesome deals. Actually, my invites were recently posted on a friend's blog, who helps brides and other people with finding the best deals via VistaPrint. Check her out here!

I created our invites like a fan. If you look carefully, you can see a small button brad in the top left corner, that holds everything together.

And without further ado, here are my invites! Certain information has been covered for our safety.

Katy Weaver Photography

Front Cover

Close-up of front cover

Entire invite, fanned out

invitation page

RSVP page. It is perforated where indicated, and guests can simply tear it out of the packet,
fill it out, and  drop it in the mail! 

This is a close up of the RSVP card itself. It is a postcard, so we didn't have to
deal with the hassle of including an extra envelope. 
This is the back of the RSVP card. See, Postcard! :)

This was the last page, stating our website, and that you could find most any information there.
We also gave guests the ability to RSVP online as well. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our invites! What do you think? And for them to be so incredibly affordable, who wouldn't want to design their own and print them on the wonderful VistaPrint? I can't wait to hear what my guests thought about them!


  1. Hi Trena! This looks amazing! What dimensions did you use in PPT?

    Maya -

    1. It depends on the dimensions of the card you choose in VistaPrint. This link: will take you to the actual sizes of any card on VP. Even though the card I chose was a 4x8", I made it to the actual size: 8.27" x 3.74". I hope this helps!

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  3. im sorry one more question, what did you do for envelopes?

    1. No problem at all! I ended up using the free ones that come with the VistaPrint order. They are plain white. You can choose to order designed ones on there too for a small price. I didn't upgrade, because I knew my guests would look at the envelope long enough to see who it was from, open it, and throw it away. I wanted my invites to look nice, didn't really care about the envelopes. As long as they did their job of getting the invites to the addressee, I was happy! :)

      That being said, it would be super easy to dress up even the plain white (free!) ones on your own. Get a pretty stamp, and stamp each one in a corner. Or design something on your own that incorporates the addresses, and print directly onto each envelope. The possibilities are endless.