Monday, January 20, 2014

Between Holiday Decor

Christmas and New Year's celebrations are over. And people look at your place funny when you leave the decor up. The "Happy Holidays" on my front door simply wasn't cutting it anymore.

Valentine's day is still a month away, too early for hearts and flowers. Again, people look at you funny.

What shall a DIY girl with a chalkboard on her front door do??

If you want to add a little cheer to your household between holidays, simply use the theme of the season! I had a heck of a time finding a winter quote that didn't sound Christmas-y, but finally found the perfect one (thanks Google)! My husband and I LOVE going up to the mountains to ski and snowboard, so it's only fitting to share that love with whoever might happen to come to our front door!

Tell me, how are you decorating your home between the holidays? Share here! 

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