Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be My Maid?

Happy Sunday!

I have my first wedding inspired post! This makes me giddy, because I am finally getting into the wedding DIY mode!

Relating to my last post, Pinterest has become my new online addiction. While ogling over the hundreds of 'wedding porn' pictures, I found my first DIY project to tackle. And if you are confused by the term wedding porn, read this article to understand the non-sexual meaning.

Here is my inspiration: found here
What a wonderful idea, no? I was immediately captivated.

This one is absolutely darling, but I wanted to make mine unique and special to the person I was sending it to, my Maid of Honor, Jen. We have known each other since middle school, and were attached at the hip until we graduated high school. Through college, we haven't seen each other nearly as much as we would like, but she is still near and dear in my heart. I had no question in my mind when Jeremy asked me to marry him, who my MoH would be!

Lets delve into what I sent to her, shall we?

I started with a little wooden box from Joann Fabrics. What actually made my idea so different than the one above is I couldn't find the cigar box shape they mention. This is where I deviated from the plan to create something unique!

I first painted the box blue with acrylics that I already have an abundance of. I then added these fantastic letter stickers I found at Creative Crafts, the local craft store, and used spray adhesive to attach the cut doily.

I wanted the outside of the box to be understated, but the inside to be a wonderful surprise of color! So I added the amazing pop of orange to go with the blue. I continued the doily and the letters on the inside of the box, but changed them up. The doily I painted blue to really make it show against the light wood, and painted the letters black to stand out against it all. I added epoxy letter stickers for the "be my" and "of honor".

For the contents of the box, I got a ring pop to highlight my "proposal" to Jen. I added a Starbucks gift card for how I would have asked if I could have seen her in person, and also to hint at any coffee-heavy DIY late nights we may have. :) Lets hope I stay on top of the planning, and not have too many frantic late nights! I also included a little poem {yes that is a Trena original, rhymes and all!}, to tie everything together.

How do you like it? How do you plan to propose to your MoH or all of your maids? I think it is a very honored privilege, and they should be asked in a special way. Whether its a personal meeting, a phone call, a beautiful card, or a box of goodies like this, I want to hear it. And feel free to be inspired by this to make your own MoH box! Jennifer loved hers!

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