Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stamping in a New Way

Well Hello!
Let me begin with my newest time waster: Pinterest 
If you haven't heard of it yet, seriously go check it out. If you have, {which I'm sure you have}, I'll skip the formalities, and go right into the topic of this post.

While on Pinterest, I saw this pin: click here to see it on Pinterest

Cool: yes
New? No way!
I've used this technique a few times over my hours scrapbooking.

So I would like to discuss today the many {and truly limitless} household items you can use as stamps. You can use these in your scrapbooks, on your birthday invites, or anything your little crafting heart desires!

Let us begin, shall we?
The always handy pencil eraser. You can even get creative within this medium. Think dollar store shaped erasers, or the ones you can mold like clay! I'm giddy with the possibilities!

Good old scrap paper. Before you take that recycling bin out to the curb, pull out different papers. Then proceed to crumple them up and throw at the person nearest you... kidding! {sort of}
You can crinkle, fold, and roll paper to create all kinds of fun stamped designs.

Aaaah yarn. Or thread. or that rubber band ball sitting in your "miscellaneous" kitchen drawer. Don't lie, you have that drawer. We all do. ;) Dip this bad boy into some paint or stamp-pad ink, and roll away!

Anyone know what this stuff is? Its that stuff people put into their cupboards and drawers so things don't slip around! This particular brand is called GripIt, if you have no clue what I'm talking about. Its squishy, and always seems to have a cool texture to it. Stamp an entire blank page with this gem of kitchen supplies, or cut it into shapes first!

Oh tupperware. Or gladware, I'm not picky. Use the rims or bottoms of any of your plastic-ware to create cool, large shapes on your scrapbook pages. Think sleek frames around your text-block or pictures. Or just a massive bubble pattern for those sunny summer pages!

You didn't think I would forget possibly the coolest packaging invention ever, did you??? Shame. Bubble wrap is ahh-mazing. I have used it in my pages and on picture frames for a really cool effect! The best part about this stamp? You can still pop it afterward! YAY! Or use it for shipping things I guess....

Bottle caps! Those cool {and sometimes sharp!} edges can get a really awesome and unique effect on your pages. And I'm not talking about just the metal kind......

Thats right! Plastic too! Dip the corrugated sides of these little guys in some paint/stamp pad, and let fly across the paper! Or Use the rim for those perfect little circles :)

And lastly, Cardboard! This stuff is ALWAYS somewhere in our apartment, and I'm going to guess you are plagued with this stuff as well. Put it to your creative use! Pull off the top layer of a chunk to reveal the cool corrugated part, and stamp away, my crafty friend!

Like these ideas? What other things around your house can you find to stamp with? Have I sparked any stamping creativity?

If you create anything with these easy {and cheap!} stamping items, show me! I'll post them on here :)

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