Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Winter} Toe Love

Today is the third day of spring. And it looked like this:

Spring my butt. 
But I do love the colors of spring, once it does decide to show around here. Kind of like the pink of the blossoms above, that are trying so hard to peek through the winter weather.

So I decided to add a little color to myself. Just a little... on my toes!  

Yeah I know, I haven't cleaned it off my skin, but I couldn't help but be proud that my idea worked! Let me explain....

I first painted my piggies with a fun orange color. Nothing reminds me of sunny days more than this color.
Then I dug through my scrapbooking supplies to find some rub-ons. 
When the polish was dry, I simply followed the directions to rub the little stickers onto my toes, and it worked perfectly! I then swiped a clear top-coat and was done!

I love the combo of bright colors! Now I just need to wait for a break in the weather {rain, snow, wind} to wear some sandals. Hmmm

I also gave my fingers some much needed love:

Now it's time to grab a snack and watch the season finale of Project Runway: All-Stars! 

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  1. That was a great idea; and nice photos!

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